Ryan Padraig Kelly Evolution

A long time ago the universe began to evolve and at its heart in terms of life was planet earth aided by the sun and the moon. As the earth began to slowly but surely evolve, the mountains were created, the land, the rivers, the seas and everything else. The human race evolved in Darwinian fashion. Cells developed in water sources which in turn developed into organisms which climbed on to the land. An ape like creature evolved. Initially the easiest way to get from place to place was from tree to tree. Slowly but surely the survival mechanism kicked in and trees were felled to create shelter and warmth. Rocks were rubbed together to create fire. The earliest economies developed in the trade of timber. Timber in turn aided the building of wooden boats that enabled new lands to be discovered. Civilisations rose and fell due to climate change. Who, what, where and when set in motion evolution?


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