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  1. Podcast: Sex – Tantra and Kama Sutra – Bringing You the Soul of Sex



    Tantra, Tantric Sex, Kama Sutra… Many people believe you can get closer to God through a practice of sacred sensuality by raising your erotic energy.

  2. [PDF]

    2012 Recidivism among Sex Offenders in Connecticut – CT.gov



    15 Feb 2012 – This year our report puts the focus on sex offenders. focused on the high-risk sex offenders appears to be a cost-effective strategy to prevent 

  3. Sex and World Peace – New Security Beat



    17 May 2012 – “We see females who are missing at birth – and that’s the fairly well-known problem of sex-selective abortions…in China and India,” she 

  4. Sex Lubricants – Shop Sex Lubes at EdenFantasys


    We offer huge variety of silicone and waterbased sex lubricants in gel, cream and other forms. Explore sex lubricant specials and deals. Sex lubricant is an 

  5. [PDF]

    State Sex Offender Registry Manual – Arkansas Crime Information



    agencies involved in the management of registered sex offenders. enforcement agencies of Arkansas in relationship to sex offender registration and.

  6. [PDF]

    The Impact of Residency Restrictions on Sex Offenders

    by M Nieto – ‎Related articles

    15 Jun 2006 – Restrictions on Sex Offenders and Correctional Management. Practices: A Literature Review. By Marcus Nieto, Senior Research Specialist and.

  7. PHONE SEX MANUAL – Scribd


    20 Jun 2009 – PHONE SEX MANUAL – Download as PDF File (.pdf) or read online. SEX sells – in advertising, in brothels, on television, in the movies, and on 

  8. Nerd’s Guide to Sex – By Marc Perkel – Marc Perkel’s Sex Index



    Marc Perkel’s Nerd’s Guide to Sex is a very different how to book on how to have sex. This guide was written to teach the average man how to be a better lover 

  9. [PDF]

    Soul Sex Tantra for Two – 4 Freedoms Relationship Tantra



    Table of Contents for this Soul Sex: Tantra for Two PDF Excerpt. Full Table of Contents …. Excerpt from Chapter 4: Sex and Spirit – Reuniting Heaven and Earth .

  10. [PDF]

    Black Same-Sex Households in the United States – National Gay

    by A Dang – ‎Cited by 5 – ‎Related articles

    30 Sep 2004 – Black Same-Sex. Households. The National Gay and Lesbian Task Force Policy Institute is a think tank dedicated to research, policy analysis 


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